Aerohart Flight Bag & Satchel | Torres
Aerohart Flight Bag & Satchel | Torres
Aerohart Flight Bag & Satchel | Torres

$1,100.00 AUD

Aerohart Flight Satchel | Torres
Aerohart Flight Satchel | Torres
Aerohart Flight Satchel | Torres

$480.00 AUD

Aerohart Flight Bag | Torres
Aerohart flight bag front
Aerohart flight bag handle

$750.00 AUD

Aerohart Flight Computer Pouch | De Laroche
Aerohart Flight Computer Pouch | De Laroche

$145.00 AUD

Aerohart Tourer Case | Johnson
Aerohart Tourer Case | Johnson
Aerohart Tourer Case | Johnson

$190.00 AUD

Travel in Style with Our Leather Bags in Australia

Aerohart stocks an exceptional range of leather bags, flight satchels, pilot bags and accessories available online in Australia. Whether you're a first-time flyer or a seasoned traveller, we offer you the perfect combination of quality materials with sophisticated style with our travel bags in Australia to make your journey smoother.

Our leather craftsmanship is second to none, guaranteeing durability and comfort. Every travel bag comes with multiple pockets for storage and convenience, so you can have all your essentials easily accessible. Whether it be leather bags or tourer cases, Aerohart has everything you need for a luxurious travel experience without compromising on practicality.


Sleek, Sophisticated Travel Bags in Australia

Beautifully crafted for the sophisticated private pilot, the Aerohart Flight Bag is an absolute must-have. Made of the highest quality bovine leather and lovingly embossed with a lavish Aerohart pattern, this leather travel bag is built to last and provides sophisticated functionality for any discerning traveller.

Whether you’re in the air or on the ground, you can take your leather travel bag with you anywhere. Ideal for a multitude of uses, it features plenty of compartments and pockets so you can quickly and easily access essential flight equipment on the go. Custom brass clasps ensure all your items remain secure while lending a touch of excellence to what is certainly one of the most stylish luggage bags available today.

Stylish Computer Pouches

The Aerohart Computer Pouch is essential for the success of any flight, providing a safe and stylish haven for your laptop or tablet. This pouch is designed to fit perfectly into your Aerohart Flight Bag, Satchel, or Tourer Case – working together in harmony to enhance the look of any aircraft cockpit while providing you with peace of mind that you’ll have all your essentials with you when you take off.

Crafted from soft leather and lined with an exclusive Aerohart pattern, the Flight Computer Pouch is an excellent giftgift, ensuring maximum security and style that will stand up to any adventure you set out on. With its slim profile and lightweight design, this dependable accessory is sure to become one of your favourite pieces. Explore our collection now.

Tourer Cases

The Tourer Case is efficiently designed to keep your cockpit free of clutter. This innovative accessory features a wide opening and brass detail that allows you to quickly grab pens and pencils mid-flight. The case itself zips up into an unobtrusive package that fits snugly into the Aerohart Flight Bag.

This beautiful case is constructed with high-quality kangaroo leather and sturdy lining, providing an irresistible level of luxury for pilots. It comes in a sophisticated dark green hue that's sure to elevate any cockpit interior. Not just limited to flying, this versatile piece can be used for almost anything from toiletries to medications.

Investing in a Tourer Case is a great way to ensure order and convenience on your journey. Whether you’re looking for the perfect range of pilot accessories for yourself or a gift for the aviation professional in your family, our online shop has you covered. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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