Aerohart is the sophisticated choice for pilots, aviation enthusiasts and luxury travellers. 

Our stylish solutions solve real-world aviation frustrations and make life easier through our considered collection of travel bags and accessories.

We're motivated by best-in-class design and precision engineering. The result is practical and durable aviation equipment that not only looks beautiful but performs at the highest levels.

Designed to adapt with your lifestyle, take your Aerohart products from the plane to the boardroom knowing they look amazing in and out of the cockpit.

A new class of aviator

Yolande Woods, Founder

Yolande Woods loved flying from an early age – the freedom, the adventure. As a pilot she wanted to design her own experience. So she began searching for stylish accessories befitting her gorgeous aircraft.


She quickly became discouraged by the lack of options. Everything came in one colour (black), the designs were clunky and few allowances had been made for aviation advancements such as the use of iPads for navigation.

Most would make do with whatever they could find. Yolande knew she could do better.

Combining her passions as a pilot and interior designer, Yolande designed a range of aviation bags and accessories that is modern, innovative and sophisticated.

Yolande’s designs are inspired by the contrasting colours of the Australian outback that she regularly flies over in her Cessna 182.

When Yolande isn’t in the cockpit, she can be found working on her cattle property in Goondiwindi, QLD.

Born of functionality. Elevated by luxury.

Penelope Bell, Artist and Designer 

Penelope Bell is a multi-disciplinary story-teller, artist and designer who has worked with global fashion, PR and marketing organisations for over 15 years.


Penelope has illustrated for luxury fashion brands such as Max Mara, Michael Kors and Aje. She has also worked with internationally recognized art galleries, museums and educational institutions, teaching illustration masterclasses and giving keynote addresses.


Most recently Penelope was commissioned to create bespoke artwork for the Aerohart collection.

Inspired by the beauty of the Australian outback

Aerohart is inspired by the lines, colours and textures of the natural world, from the sky to the ocean, to the lands we fly over.

In collaboration with an award-winning product design team, we produced a world-class collection that can withstand the rigours of aviation life whether you're a pilot or passenger.

Each product has been designed by pilots who understand the aviation lifestyle and undergone meticulous testing to ensure every feature adds to the flight experience.

Our products use high-quality leather that’s durable yet soft to touch, ensuring they will last the test of time.

‘It was imperative that the Aerohart collection was both amazing to look at and functional.’

Yolande Woods, Founder, Aerohart