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Our sleek design features curved details inspired by aircraft wings and a beautiful polished aluminium edge. The signature brass detail opens from the top allowing for easy access.

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Stay Fresh Mid-Flight with Our Stylish Wet Wipes Dispenser

The Aerohart Wipes Dispenser is the premium solution to concealing the unsightly wet wipes needed to keep you, and your cabin, clean while also giving your passengers the opportunity to freshen up before they disembark.

No longer will you need to stash your used wipes in seat pockets to be forgotten. The slide out compartment includes an inbuilt bin that separates used wipes for disposal after you land.

Our wipes holder can be secured over the back of a seat pocket or affixed to a smooth surface using the suction caps provided.

Even Your Wet Wipes Dispenser Deserves the Aerohart Treatment

Our wet wipes holder boasts a sleek, modern design that complements any travel setting. Designed in the shape of the aerofoil of the wing of a plane, its compact size allows for easy placement over the back of a seat pocket or attachment to a smooth surface using the provided suction caps. 

Say goodbye to the days of stashing used wipes in seat pockets, only to discover them later. With its versatile installation options, you can easily position the wipes dispenser within arm's reach, ensuring quick and hassle-free access to wipes whenever needed. 

This stylish wipes holder features a slide-out compartment with an integrated bin that efficiently separates used wipes for disposal upon landing. It has an extruded aluminium case with moulded plastic slide out tray and brass detail on the closure.

This convenient design keeps wet wipes moist, unlike packet designs. It also ensures a clean and clutter-free cabin environment, enabling you to maintain a sense of order throughout your journey.

Our Wipes Holder: Ideal for Travel and Everyday Use

Whether you're a frequent flyer or simply seeking a reliable solution for on-the-go hygiene, our wet wipes holder is your go-to product. Its portable nature makes it perfect for travel, allowing you to freshen up during long flights or road trips.

Additionally, this versatile wipes dispenser can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, whether at home, the office, or any other environment where cleanliness matters.

Made for Australia and Beyond

Our wet wipes dispenser is proudly designed in Australia, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Engineered to withstand the rigours of travel, this wipes holder is built to last. Its practical design and user-friendly features make it an essential accessory for jetsetters, explorers, and hygiene-conscious individuals worldwide.

Upgrade your travel hygiene routine with the Aerohart Wipes Dispenser, a premium solution that combines functionality, convenience, and style. Embrace the ease of access, efficient organisation, and effortless disposal provided by this innovative solution. Whether you're embarking on an adventure or simply going about your daily life, our stylish wipes holder ensures that cleanliness is always within reach.

We’re proud to stock a wide range of fashionable and practical accessories for both pilots and travellers. Browse our range today and travel in style.


• A silicon sealed compartment that slides out easily

• Inbuilt section for used wipes

• Rear detail so the dispenser can be hooked over a passenger's seat pocket

• Suction cups to affix it on a hard surface in the cockpit

Product details

• Materials (exterior): Extruded aluminium with a clear anodised finish

• Materials (interior) Silicone

• Hardware: Machine and coated brass detail on closure seal

• Dimensions: 200mm wide x 176mm high x 65mm deep.

• Weight: 870g


We’re thrilled everyone is keeping Covid-safe through the use of
hand sanitiser and other protective measures. However please be mindful that sanitiser and other alcohol based products may damage your gorgeous Aerohart items.


Please note: leather is a natural product that will have features and
characteristics unique to your particular purchase. Damage and defects caused by personal wear and tear, accidents and treatments which are inconsistent with our care instructions are not covered by our returns policy.

Margaret Helen Gething (1920 – 2005)

During World War II Margaret Gething (Mardi) joined the Air Transport Auxiliary in Britain, ferrying military aircraft from British factories to RAF air bases across the country.

She was the only Australian among approximately 80 female pilots flying with the Air Transport Auxiliary. They flew in radio silence in all weather and were at constant risk of enemy attacks.

Throughout the war she flew over 40 different types of aircraft including fighters such as Spitfires, Hurricanes and Tempests.

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