Aerohart is a collection of stylish products designed by pilots who know exactly what you need to enhance the inflight experience from takeoff to landing

Aerohart - Where it all started

Learning to fly has been one of my greatest achievements. My father is a pilot, having learnt to fly fixed wing planes at the formative age of 16, and later in life helicopters for aerial mustering. Sharing this passion with my father has been very special. 

While learning to fly, I quickly realised there was a lack of style and colour options in products for pilots. The black functional flight bag seemed to be standard issue.  Everything was clunky and unrefined.  I knew I could make some improvements.  So, I set out to enhance the flying experience through thoughtful design.  There was no lack of inspiration from my life on the land.  Working with the beautiful materials such as the brass finishes and high-quality leather is so rewarding.  The use of aluminium is an ode to the glamorous aviation days of yesteryear. 

Very quickly Aerohart became more than just the products that were being designed.  It has been a way for other female pilots to reach out for help with gear that is mostly designed for male pilots, usually ill-fitting or poorly designed.  With the help of our incredible industrial design team, we are also looking into other real-life frustrations from pilots. Our philosophy comes from the modernist Bauhaus movement of form follows function. 

My big mission for Aerohart is to make possible the opportunity for young girls to obtain their pilots licence, just like I did.  Such an incredible gift to give a girl the confidence in achieving the freedom of flying. 

I am looking forward taking Aerohart from my rural town of Goondiwindi in Australia to pilots all around the world. 

Yolande Woods  xx

Yolande Woods, female pilot and founder of Aerohart